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Comprised of Industry Professionals

Construction Engineer
Architect at Work

Code Officials

Welcome to cjcoa - a leading organization committed to promoting uniformity within the construction industry. Our members represent a diverse group of professionals, all dedicated to staying current on the latest codes, products, and legislation. We provide resources and support to help our members enhance their knowledge and ensure their communities are safe and better prepared for the future.

Design Professionals

At CJCOA, we bring together design professionals who are passionate about creating compliant designs that meet the expectations of code officials. Our organization is dedicated to fostering understanding and communication between designers and code officials, which ultimately streamlines the review and build process. Whether you are a seasoned architect or a newcomer to the field, we invite you to join us in our quest to create safer, smarter, and more sustainable buildings.

Trade Professionals

At CJCOA, we are dedicated to providing trade professionals with the resources they need to stay compliant with adopted codes and regulations, all while saving time and money. By joining our organization, members gain access to a network of like-minded professionals who share their passion for staying on the cutting edge of the industry.

Office service
Rolls of Rubber
Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Technical Assistants

At cjcoa, we understand the importance of technical assistants in the construction office. That's why we provide cutting-edge updates on procedures, legislation and technology to ensure that our technical assistants are always prepared to face new challenges. Joining our team of experts means that you will receive the training and resources necessary to stay at the forefront of your field, allowing you to provide exceptional assistance and support.


We offer manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their outstanding products and installations to our members, who are a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and vast experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in keeping our members informed on the latest developments and trends, and providing them with the tools they need to improve their offerings in the marketplace. Whether you are a manufacturer or a member, cjcoa is committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive community.


As a leading organization in the industry, cjcoa offers suppliers and distributors a unique platform to introduce new products and techniques, share code concerns and provide valuable insights and tools. By consolidating the latest industry standards, best practices, and knowledge, we provide comprehensive information, empowering them to serve their customers with utmost proficiency. Whether you're a supplier or a distributor, our organization offers everything you need to succeed in the industry.

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