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Listed below are the dates of upcoming meetings, the speakers expected, and topics that will be covered.

All meetings are the first Wednesday of every month unless otherwise noted below. The meetings will begin at 12 o'clock pm and will be held at La Piazza Ristorante. The phone number and address for La Piazza is listed below:

La Piazza Ristorante - 11 Church St, Allentown, NJ 08501 (609) 208-0640.
DCA will allow Administrative, Building, Electric or Plumbing CEU Credits this year. Each seminar will list the Subcodes which may receive credit. Administrative credit may be received in lieu of a Subcode credit for all meetings. DCA will credit .1 CEU for each meeting attended. Only ONE credit sheet may be signed at each meeting. No multiple credits will be allowed for each meeting attended
Credits allowed per meeting

January – A or P

February – A only

March – A only

April – A or B

May -  A or E 

June – A or P

September – A or B

October – A or B

November – A or E


A - Administrative

B - Building

E - Electric

P - Plumbing

2020 Central Jersey Speakers 
January 8, 2020 Speaker:
Joe Navarra
Company: HVACR Comfort Pro, LLC

Email: inavarra@hvacrcomfortpro.com

Phone: (848) 992-7392 

  • 2015/ 2018 Code for the ACCA Manual J & S & D, what Software Programs are ACCA Approved, and a brief run down on what a ACCA Manual J & S & D looks like.

February 5, 2020 Speaker:
Gary Magiera
Company: HJ Clean Energy Program

Email: gary.magiera@clearesult.com

Phone: (732) 814-5657

  • NJ Clean Energy Program Overview 

  • Commercial Program - Residential Programs 

  • Solar Products (Lighting, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators) RNC ( Residential New Construction) 

  • Warm / Cool Advantage (Water Heaters, Forced Air Furnaces, Hot Water Boilers, Central A/Cs, Heat Pumps, Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps)

March 4, 2020 Speaker:
Antonius Agelink
Company: Smart City - Newtown Brown Urban Design

Email: antonius@newtonbrownush.com

Phone: (347) 879-4869 

  • Use of Technology to assist in city design.

April 1, 2020 Speaker:
Sharron Halpert
Company: Halpert Life Safety Consulting

Email: sharron@halpertlifesafety.com

Phone: (201) 250-4193 

  • How to turn a firestop submittal in to a tool to elicit better life safety. A class for field inspectors and plan review teams. 

  • UL nomenclature Firestop Vocabulary ASTM E119, ASTM E1966, ASTM E814, ASTM E84 Concrete and Steel Project 

  • Review and assess just the cover page of a firestop submittal 

  • Dive into 1000, 5000 and 7000 details and identify more missing details Projects with a rated floor ceiling assembly 

  • Review and assess just the cover page of a firestop submittal 

  • Dive into 2000 and 8000 series details and identify more missing details Brief discussion about 1705.17

May 6, 2020 Speaker:
Christy Rosati
Company: Easton Worldwide

Email: christinamrosato@eaton.com

Phone: (724) 554-5664 

  • Short Circuit Currents & the NEC 

  • Short circuits 

  • Sources of short circuits 

  • Calculating maximum available short circuit current 

  • NEC Requirements for SCCR and labeling available fault currents Code compliance

June 3, 2020 Speaker:
Dale Gentry
Company: Municipex

Email: Dale.Gentry@rehau.com

Phone: (404) 291-2424 

  • REHAU MUNICIPEX is a proven PEXa service line with billions of feet in service today. The presentation will step the audience through their current options of service tubing products available today and why Utility Districts and Municipalities are making the switch to MUNICIPEX.

  • Difference in PE and PEX 2. Difference in PEX-a, Pex-b and Pex-C 3. Features and benefits of PEXa

September 2, 2020
Speaker:Paul Kluempers
Company: Ag-Co FTg Pad

Email: Paul@AG-Co.com

Phone: (858) 900-5080 

  • Product Background and applications

  • Post Footers: How they work, load calculations.

  • Product Design

October 7, 2020 Speaker:
Val Denoia
Company: 1 Level WeyerHauser

Email: Val.Devoia@WeyerHauser.com

Phone: (908) 330-2439 

  • Understanding of the PLF Chart regarding beams.

  • Any New Trus Joist Products.

  • "Or Equal" Understanding of Substitutions and maintain the level of specification.

November 4, 2020 Speaker:
Jeff Simpson
Company: UL, LLC
Email: Jeffrey.Simpson@UL.com
Phone: (919) 450-6630
  • Means of Egress Illumination