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"Our objective shall be to improve the standards of building code practices; to provide a clearing house for the collection and distribution of useful information relating to New Jersey Uniform Construction Code; to educate the public on the true nature and importance of the work performed by code officials; to sponsor legislative proposals designed to improve construction codes and techniques; to elevate the standard of personal requirement of code officials; to cooperate with other public and private agencies interested in improving construction code administration; in every proper way to promote justice and equity in all construction code programs; and as an ICC chapter, operate within the guidelines of our parent organization."
A Note To All Construction Officials

Please help Central Jersey Technical Assistants' Assocation with allowing your technical assistants to join and attend their meetings. They can receive as much information at the CJTAA meetings as you do at the CJCOA meetings. There is a new page on the CJCOA webpage dedicated to the CJTAA. Have your technical assistants log on to the webpage for more information regarding their association.

CJCOA Executive Board
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